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Five-Year-Long Divorce Tip of Legal Iceberg for New York Celebrity Doc Accused of Quackery, Sex Abuse

New York’s society pages once routinely featured pictures of Dr. Eric Braverman and his wife Dasha.

His third marriage, the two have three boys together, and wrote several health and wellness books together during their marriage.

Braverman, the host of WABC’s Total Health radio show, has long been a celebrity health and wellness spokesman, appearing in various media outlets to discuss the science of brain health, longevity, and anti-aging advances.

In 2011, the couple began what has turned into a years-long divorce and custody battle whose price tag has hit more than $5 million – and even landed Braverman in jail for 15 days.

At the same time, his PATH Medical (“Place for Achieving Total Healing”) clinic in Manhattan has been investigated by the Attorney General’s office for fraudulent practices, including ordering excessive numbers of tests and billing irregularities that have shocked patients, insurance companies, and even led to fights with credit card companies.

The company claims to offer innovative “brain check ups” and full body scans and sells patients on supplements with names like “Brain Calm,” as well as weight loss pills.

Braverman has even been sued for quackery by a comedian who says the doctor withheld the results of a sleep study that showed he had sleep apnea, and instead diagnosed him with aluminum poisoning and low testosterone, bilking him out of nearly $30,000 in treatments he didn’t need for ailments he didn’t have.

The ferocity of the Braverman divorce cannot be understated.

In early 2014, in the heat of the custody portion of the action, Dasha Braverman alleged that the couple’s children were not safe with their doctor father.

According to her, dad took full advantage of his ability to write prescriptions and was routinely administering improper medications to the children.

Experts were called in, forensic psychologists were hired, and reports were drafted for the court’s use.

Dr. Braverman, representing himself, wanted access to these products, and Judge Deborah Kaplan agreed to allow him to see the documents, with the conditions that he review them in a courtroom under a clerk’s supervision, and that no documents leave the courtroom.

These instructions were apparently not entirely clear to Braverman, who attempted to distract the clerk and then handed the documents off to Diana Moyhi, his practice’s in-house counsel, who was putting the pages into her bag when the clerk caught her.

When the pair returned to court a week later for another hearing, deputies arrested both of them on the spot.

They were subsequently charged with tampering with public records and criminal contempt, which could have put both of them in prison for seven years.

By the time the case came to trial nearly two years later, the charges had been reduced to one count of attempted petit larceny.

Court clerk Kathy Quammie testified in the hearing that after she caught Braverman and Moyhi in the act, Braverman attempted to bribe her into letting him keep the documents.

He was convicted on the lesser charge and served 15 days.

Dasha’s attorney has stayed on Braverman throughout, at one point winning a court order forcing Braverman to turn over his personal property to a receiver.

Braverman interpreted this to mean everything down to his underwear, and appealed rather than comply.

Dasha’s attorney told Page Six that the order was only intended to cover Braverman’s work records, but in either case, the explosive back and forth of their unending divorce seems to continue unabated.

The final nail in the coffin of whatever case Braverman is trying to make in his divorce probably came in January, when he was arrested on felony sex abuse charges stemming from a 2015 incident.

A Texas woman claims that she was visiting his Tribeca apartment when he allegedly assaulted and groped her.

The judge awarded her an order of protection against any further contact with Braverman, and he was released without bond.

Dasha Braverman hasn’t let the ongoing feud with her estranged husband hold her back.

She serves as president of Ace Health Solutions, which works with medical practices to implement new technology and best practices.

She still appears in New York’s society pages and high powered mixers in the Hamptons, though now without Dr. Braverman at her side.

How and when this divorce will finally end is anyone’s guess, but it seems fair to conclude that at least one party to the action isn’t approaching the matter in the best of faith.

Some divorces are like this, where one spouse is committed to inflicting as much pain and expense as possible, even when there’s no particular advantage to them. In this case, that drive has led to jail time for Dr. Braverman, and even that doesn’t appear to have deterred him.

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