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My Spouse Cheated. Do I Get Custody Of The Kids In A Brooklyn Divorce?

You may well get custody of your children in your divorce in Brooklyn, but it’s unlikely that your spouse’s infidelity will be a major factor in the decision.

Typically, the parent who acts as the primary caregiver to the children will be awarded physical custody, though the court will go to great lengths to ensure that both parents are able to maintain a strong bond with their children.

What the court won’t do is decide that you should be awarded custody of your children as a way to punish your spouse for their infidelity.

That’s not how custody determinations are made in New York, and it’s not an appropriate consideration when it comes to your kids.

Custody is of critical importance in any divorce involving children, and parents have every reason to fight hard to get the best custody arrangement possible.

When your spouse has broken your marriage, you have good reason to question their reliability and their ability to put your children’s needs ahead of their own.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you protect your children and get the right custody agreement for your family.

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