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Don’t Men Always End Up Paying Alimony In A Divorce In Brooklyn?

No, men don’t always end up paying alimony in a Brooklyn divorce.

Courts across New York use a set of criteria to evaluate motions for alimony, known as spousal maintenance, that takes a variety of factors into consideration.

Most importantly, your income and your spouse’s income will be evaluated.

Your gender really has nothing to do with spousal maintenance awards, but each party’s income will factor heavily into any request.

If you earn more than your spouse, you might be expected to pay spousal maintenance.

If you earn less than your spouse, not only won’t you have to pay spousal maintenance, but you may be eligible to receive it if there’s a need.

Maintenance awards generally last for a set period of time, and are intended to allow the recipient to become financially independent.

Whether you’re a man or a woman isn’t relevant to the court’s calculation.

Rather, your financial situation is what will matter.

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