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Is My Being Unemployed A Reason For The Judge To Give My Kids To My Spouse In My Divorce In Brooklyn?

While the financial condition of both parents is one of the considerations that a judge will take into account in a Brooklyn custody matter, it is one of many, and one spouse’s lack of immediate income may be offset by the savings the couple has derived by not needing paid childcare.

There are many reasons why a person wouldn’t be in the workforce, and leaving paid work to focus on your children is a commendable approach to parenting.

Judges consider a variety of issues in order to determine which household will best provide for the best interests of the child.

Your lack of paid work may not be as significant as you worry it will be, and in most cases can be easily remedied by finding a job.

Your attorney will be able to help you understand how the court is likely to view your circumstances, and from there you can take any steps necessary to improve your odds of prevailing.

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