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My Spouse Moved Out And Left Me With The Kids. How Do I Pay The Bills While I Wait For Our Divorce To Start In Brooklyn?

How you care for your children and pay the bills during a divorce is, in part, to insist that your spouse pay their share.

If you’re waiting for your spouse to file for divorce, or to serve you if they’ve already filed, you should know that you have the right to file on your own and demand that your spouse pay child support and temporary spousal support known as pendente lite support.

This will provide you with needed funds to support yourself and your children while your divorce is pending.

Many people are eligible to receive longer-term spousal maintenance from their spouse, as well as having legal fees and other costs related to the divorce assigned to their spouse.

Every parent in Brooklyn is legally obligated to provide for their children financially, and when your spouse has left you in the lurch with children to care for, you can make them do their part.

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