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Can I Get Shared Custody If My Spouse Objects And Wants Sole Custody In Brooklyn?

Yes, many parents are successfully able to negotiate a shared custody agreement even when their spouse initially objects.

In some cases, litigation may be necessary, but courts in recent years and decades have been moving from the model of a mother with primary custody to a joint custody model with the expectation that both parents will play an active role in their children’s lives.

Assuming you can show that you are a fit and loving parent who can provide a safe and stable environment for your child, there’s no real reason why a judge would expect to see anything but joint custody.

Sometimes the details can hang divorcing parents up, like what faith the child will be raised in or what kind of schools they will attend.

These issues are usually worked out through mutual agreement of the parties, with each making compromises to achieve the best result for their child.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we protect our clients’ relationships with their children.

Usually, this means helping to negotiate creative solutions between the parents, and our team of experienced Brooklyn child custody attorneys are some of the best negotiators in the business.

When you’re seeking an ongoing relationship with your child that respects your role as a parent, we can help.

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