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How Do I Get My Name Off The Mortgage In My Divorce In Brooklyn?

Establishing how the marital home will be handled is one of the most pressing issues in a divorce in Brooklyn, not only because of the value of the property, but also because of the effect an improperly negotiated settlement can have on your credit when it comes to the house.

If you take it on faith that your spouse will refinance, and then they find they don’t meet current lending standards, you may be stuck with a large asset that becomes a large debt.

You should work with an attorney who can make sure that the house is properly disposed of.

This may mean an outright sale of the home, or that your spouse buys you out and refinances the property into their name.

What you don’t want is a settlement that doesn’t clearly spell out what happens to the house and what each person’s obligations and benefits will be.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, our goal is to protect the financial health of every client, and we work diligently to see that a couple’s most valuable asset is properly handled so you can move on with confidence.

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