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How Long Do We Have To Live Apart Before We Can File For Divorce In Brooklyn?

In Brooklyn, you are not required to live apart in order to divorce, and if you already live apart, you are not required to live apart for any given period of time in order to divorce.
Under a series of reforms implemented in 2010, New York instituted a no-fault divorce option that removed the need for legal separations or meeting standards of evidence to show that your spouse engaged in adultery, abandoned you, or met the terms of any of the fault-based grounds.

Instead, under irretrievable breakdown, you simply attest that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for a period of at least six months, and your petition can move forward even without your spouse’s consent.

Your spouse does have the option of contesting the action, which can lengthen the process and increase the costs, but if you’ve both agreed to divorce and are willing to come to terms together, irretrievable breakdown will generally give you the fastest, most cost effective divorce.

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