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I Live In Brooklyn And Want A Divorce. Should I Hire A Lawyer?

The short answer is yes. While you are not required to work with a lawyer, going into court without one is a great way to end up on the losing side of a legal matter.

Just as you wouldn’t entrust your car maintenance to someone who’s never seen a car engine, you shouldn’t approach contracts and legally binding agreements with a layperson’s perspective alone.
When it comes to protecting your assets and wealth in a divorce, an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney gives you the best chance at coming through a divorce in decent financial shape.

Unrepresented people, especially when their spouse does have a lawyer, are likely to end up with a lopsided agreement where they give far more than they need to, for much longer than they should.

In any legal matter, but especially in divorce, don’t go it alone.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you.

Call 718-725-9601 today and talk to an experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyer for free.

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