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What Does The Judge Take Into Consideration When Deciding Custody In Brooklyn?

Judges operate on a standard of what is in the best interest of the child, which means that there are a variety of factors that can and will play into how custody is decided.

Perhaps the most basic is parental fitness. If you and your spouse both have established bonds with your children and a history of putting them ahead of your needs, you both pass.

From there, a judge will consider the established custody arrangement and how well it’s working.

Preserving a stable home for the child is a big consideration, so a well-cared for child living in a safe and predictable environment is unlikely to be ordered to live with the other parent barring a significant change in circumstances.

The judge will also consider the financial standing of both parents in order to ensure that the child is provided for, but cases rarely turn solely on income issues.

Parents worry excessively about the fine details in a custody dispute, but most cases end up with some kind of shared custody and both parents making an effort to work together to raise their kids.

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