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Will Paying Child Support Reduce My Alimony Payments In Brooklyn?

Yes, if you are making child support payments to your spouse once you’ve filed for divorce, then you can expect that any alimony, or spousal maintenance, award will be lower than it otherwise would.

Judges consider a variety of issues when it comes to deciding on a spousal maintenance award, which will include the non-monied spouse’s income and financial resources.

Your child support payments are part of those financial resources. The judge will also consider your financial situation and your ability to pay spousal maintenance.

The more you’re allocating every month to child support, the less you’ll have available to give in spousal maintenance.

All things being equal, there are still ways to reduce your exposure to spousal maintenance payments, or reduce their amount if you do agree to pay.

An experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney can make the clearest case for the lowest, shortest duration spousal maintenance award, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

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