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What Formula Do Judges Use To Decide Alimony In Brooklyn?

Judges in Brooklyn are not bound by specific formulas when it comes to deciding spousal maintenance, also known as alimony.

Unlike with child support, the issue isn’t as simple as plugging everyone’s income into a calculator and using the number it spits out.

In deciding spousal maintenance, there are a number of factors that the judge is required to consider, including the relative earnings and asset ownership of the two spouses, as well as how much the lower-earning spouse can make in the workplace, and whether that amount is adequate.

Other factors apply, including the monied spouse’s ability to pay, the health status and earning potential of both spouses, and the length of the marriage.

Because the process is so subjective, it can turn into one of the main sticking points in creating a divorce settlement.

This is where an experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyer can help you immensely.

With an experienced attorney at your side, you can get the best settlement in your divorce, and the most favorable findings on topics like spousal maintenance.

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