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Can I Get Alimony In Brooklyn?

Not everyone who files for divorce is eligible for spousal maintenance, often called “alimony,” in Brooklyn.

While there is no standard formula that a judge can turn to, there are a number of factors to be weighed in determining whether to award maintenance, how much, and for how long.

First, the non-monied spouse – the one who earns less, owns less, and who couldn’t easily make up the difference right away in the workforce – is the only spouse eligible for spousal maintenance.

Second, your spouse’s ability to pay maintenance is a factor. Assuming these tests are met, the judge will then consider the age and health of both spouses, their potential earning power, the length of the marriage, and whether children are being supported.

Spousal maintenance is a complicated subject and often slows down a divorce while both parties argue for the most favorable award from their perspective.

By working with an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney, you can make the best case for the most generous award.

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