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Why Can’t I Sell My Own Pre-Marital Separate Property During My Divorce In Brooklyn?

There are three big reasons to hang onto separate property during your divorce in Brooklyn.

First, you are under court orders to maintain the status quo of your marriage at the time of the filing for divorce, and violating court orders can have painful ramifications for you.

Second, while the property may be separate, and something that you brought into the marriage, your spouse can still make things difficult by making a claim on it.

The rules governing marital and separate property are complex, and your spouse may even have a case.

All of this can add needless complications to your divorce.

The third reason to hang onto property until the divorce is concluded is because of the value of the property.

Let’s say you sell an antique for more than anyone expected it to be worth.

Those earnings are now a subject for the divorce, and you may have to share the profits with your spouse.

Don’t make costly mistakes in a divorce.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you make smart decisions that protect your property and move your divorce quickly to its conclusion.

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