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Do I Have To Give My Spouse One Of Our Cars In Our Brooklyn Divorce If They’re Both In My Name?

If the cars are both marital assets, then it’s likely that you’ll transfer title of one of them to your spouse as part of the divorce settlement.

Many marriages feature one car per spouse, with one spouse holding the title to both.

This may be because of higher earnings, a better credit score, or simply because one spouse is less comfortable purchasing a car than the other.

However, in a divorce, the court won’t focus on whose name is on the title to the car, but rather, what is the most equitable way to distribute the marriage’s automobiles between the parties.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help clients in Brooklyn protect the assets that matter to them and get the best deal possible in their divorce.

Transferring a car to a spouse may put other assets or money on the table for negotiation, so an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney can make a big difference for you.

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