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My Spouse Wants To Use Our Divorce In Brooklyn To Bankrupt Me. Can You Help Me?

Yes, we can help protect you when your spouse has decided to use a divorce in Brooklyn to exact maximum financial pain on you.

There are multiple ways to approach these types of actions, and how yours is handled will have to do with the specifics of your case and circumstances.

If you are the higher earner, the strategy will be different than if you are the lower earner in the marriage, for instance.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we know that a poorly managed divorce can create long term hardship for our clients, so we work relentlessly to protect their interests and see that their needs are met.

When your spouse is using a divorce to drain your bank accounts and ruin you financially, we can help.

Call 718-725-9601 today and talk to an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney for free.

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