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How Do I Keep My Spouse Out Of My Possessions While We Divorce In Brooklyn?

Keeping your property safe during a divorce, especially while you’re still cohabiting, can be a frustrating consideration in a divorce in Brooklyn.

There are a lot of reasons for couples to continue living together even after they’ve filed for divorce, from ensuring that your claim on your home is given full weight to simply wanting to be there for your kids.

There is a right time to move out when you’re divorcing, but before then, you should feel secure in the safety of your belongings.

If your spouse seems to be going through your things, or even threatening to damage them, it may be wise to seek an order of exclusive occupancy for the parts of the home you’re using.

Removing important papers to a safe deposit box or even your office at work may bring you some peace of mind, but the best thing to do is make sure the divorce is moving along as quickly as possible so you can resolve the issues that are keeping you both in the house.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you take swift action that can get you clear of your ex as quickly as possible.

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