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Can I Visit A Resort During My Divorce In Brooklyn, Or Will My Spouse Come After Me For The Money I Spend?

In divorces in Brooklyn, it isn’t uncommon for a spouse to try to come after funds they believe have been misused – even when there’s no foundation for that belief.

If you’re in a heated divorce, what you may need more than anything is some time away to relax, but you’re right to be concerned about how your spouse will react.

The first thing to know is that you absolutely have the right to take a vacation during a divorce.

The second thing to know is that once the divorce is filed, your earnings are considered separate property.

Theoretically, as long as you’re paying for the resort out of your personal funds, that’s the end of the controversy.

In practice, things can be more muddled. There are accounts that can be off limits during a divorce and assets whose ultimate disposition is in the air, and it’s vital that your vacation spending not involve any disputed sources of money.

It’s worth your time to consult with an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney to make sure your funding is properly documented and your sources don’t violate any of the judge’s automatic orders.

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