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I Don’t Want A Divorce. How Can I Stop My Spouse’s Case In Brooklyn?

Under New York law, no one can force a person to stay married to them, so as a practical matter, you can’t simply withhold consent and stop the divorce from happening.

Refusing to participate or sign papers also won’t stop the process, and may accelerate the divorce.

You are not required to participate in your own divorce, though the law does require your spouse to notify you of the legal action against you.

If you really don’t want the divorce to happen, you may want to play for time to try to reconcile.

You need to respond to your spouse’s complaint and contest the action against you.

This doesn’t mean that the judge will decide whether or not the divorce can happen.

Contesting the action simply means that a period of negotiation will begin, and may advance to litigation.

Because of the overworked court system in Brooklyn, this will create ample opportunities to delay the divorce.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know that pacing a divorce comfortably can be as important as the settlement agreement.

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