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My Ex Is Behind On Child Support. Can I Keep Them From Visitation In Brooklyn?

No, when your ex in Brooklyn is behind on child support, they continue to have the right to visit their children as scheduled in the custody agreement.

There are generally two types of parents who fall behind on child support.

The first are experiencing a temporary financial problem because of job loss or another unexpected issue, and will eventually get caught up.

The second type of parent who falls behind on child support has no serious intention to ever get caught up.

In both cases, you may need to seek help from the court in recovering lost child support payments, but you should particularly take action in the second case.

New York has a number of ways of recovering money that parents owe in child support, including intercepting tax refunds and lottery winnings.

Additionally, the state can just make it difficult for a person who chooses not to support their children, and can do things like suspend their driver’s license or a professional license.

There are a lot of ways to encourage participation in the child support system.

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