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Do I Get Half Of The House If We Divorce In Brooklyn?

How property is distributed between the parties in a divorce in Brooklyn is governed by New York’s equitable distribution rules.

As a general matter, you will be entitled to some portion of the value of the marital home, but there’s no way to guess the percentage without knowing more details, both about the home and your full financial picture.

Often, a high-value asset like the home can be used by one party to offset other cash transfers as part of the settlement when one spouse wants to keep the house.

In other cases, the home will simply be sold and the parties will split the profits evenly.

There are many confounding factors that will have to be addressed as well. Was the home owned by one spouse prior to the marriage?

Who was responsible for the bulk of the mortgage, maintenance, and other costs associated?

These may all play a role in how the court will decide what constitutes an equitable share of the value of the home.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino work hard to make sure our clients get everything they are entitled to in a divorce, and the largest possible settlement.

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