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If We’re Still Living Together After Filing, Can My Spouse Legally Go Through My Things In Brooklyn?

Your spouse probably hasn’t broken any laws by going through things in their own home, but this isn’t a situation that you should feel good about.

While your spouse’s antagonism may complicate your divorce, in most cases, your best bet is to put up with it until you get the all-clear from your lawyer to move (or your spouse does).

If the issue is particularly egregious, you can ask the court for an exclusive occupancy order for the room or rooms that you and your belongings are occupying in your current home.

Another option is to rent storage space to keep sensitive information, or even keep important documents in a locked drawer at work.

Because of the personal nature of divorce actions, people often find themselves doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

While this conduct may, strictly speaking, be legal, it doesn’t mean you have no recourse to protect yourself and your belongings.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can protect you when your spouse has taken things too far.

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