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Can I Get A New Judge To Handle My Divorce In Brooklyn?

You probably can’t get a new judge to preside over your divorce in Brooklyn.

Many people in divorce actions worry that their judge has bias or is otherwise handling the case in a way that’s unfair to them, but there are extremely limited scenarios in which a judge can be expected to recuse him or herself.

If you have evidence that your judge has a prior relationship with your spouse, or even with yourself, or can show that there have been inappropriate communications between the judge and your spouse, you have grounds to seek such an action.

Otherwise, you’ll likely be aggravating your relationship with the judge and making things harder on yourself than they need to be.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino have been helping people in Brooklyn get favorable divorce settlements for years, and we pride ourselves on the positive working relationships we have with the courts in Brooklyn.

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