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We Both Have 401(k) Plans Through Our Jobs. Will Those Be Subject To Distribution In Our Brooklyn Divorce?

Retirement accounts are subject to equitable distribution rules in divorces in Brooklyn, but when spouses both have considerable individual retirement plans, the issue may effectively be moot.

Unless there’s a significant imbalance in the amounts in your plans, or your incomes are very different, there’s a good chance that the parties may agree to walk away with their own retirement plans and settle the issue that way.

If you own other retirement savings vehicles such as IRAs, the value of those accounts will be assessed as part of the settlement, and the accounts themselves or their contents distributed between the spouses or used for negotiating other assets.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we make sure our clients are protected from unnecessary distributions and get to keep as much as possible in a divorce.

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