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Do I Have The Upper Hand In Our Divorce If I File Before My Spouse Does In Brooklyn?

Unless you need an emergency action by the court, as when abuse is a factor, there’s no particular benefit to being the first to file, and no disadvantage if you’re the spouse who is served.

A divorce is a lawsuit, and in a lawsuit, one party makes a claim against another to the court, and then the second party is allowed to respond to the claim, and even make their own.

In a divorce, this means that if you race to the courthouse to file your paperwork, your next step will be to wait for a number of weeks while your spouse is served, and then given time to develop and file their response.

The time periods involved can be incredibly frustrating for people undergoing the divorce process, but this kind of measured approach means that everyone has the opportunity to protect and assert their rights.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we know that a speedy divorce is a top priority for many of our clients, and we work hard to create the fastest, smoothest divorces possible when that is your goal.

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