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My Spouse Has Become Permanently Disabled. Will I Have To Support Them Permanently After Our Divorce In Brooklyn?

When divorce involves a disabled spouse, questions of long term spousal maintenance (also known as alimony) are an inevitable issue that the judge in your Brooklyn divorce will need to see addressed.

Spousal maintenance is determined by several factors, and can be established in a number of different ways.

Things that will matter in the final judgment include the duration of your marriage, each individual’s income, each spouse’s earning potential in the future, the age of the spouses, and the health status of each.

In a long marriage where both of you are older, you may be ordered to provide permanent support to your spouse.

In a shorter marriage, the duration of support may be less.

The type of disability your spouse has suffered will matter as well.

Some illnesses and injuries rob a person of their ability to earn a living independently, while others may require a period of education or retraining to establish new skills and enter a different career.

There are a number of factors that will matter in establishing your position on spousal maintenance in your Brooklyn divorce.

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