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I Recorded A Phone Call Where My Spouse Admitted To A Friend To Having Hidden Money. Is That Admissible In My Brooklyn Divorce?

If you recorded a phone call you were not a party to, and where neither party knew they were being recorded, not only is the recording inadmissible, but you may have broken the law.

New York is relatively lenient when it comes to recording conversations, allowing conversations to be recorded even when the second party is not aware.

But that’s a different situation than eavesdropping and recording a conversation between others that you are not a party to, which is a violation of New York law and inadmissible in civil and criminal proceedings.

You should work closely with an attorney before you begin introducing evidence that may cause you more trouble than you realize. Each case requires a strategy and evidence that supports that strategy.

Relying on bad evidence, or a weak strategy that doesn’t get you what you want, hurts your case in the long run.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino have years of experience helping people in Brooklyn avoid pitfalls in their divorces and winning settlements that truly reflect each spouse’s financial position.

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