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Is Cash My Spouse Just Inherited Part Of Our Divorce Settlement In Brooklyn?

In most circumstances, cash or property that your spouse inherited is not subject to equitable distribution and is considered a separate asset for the purposes of your divorce.

This doesn’t mean that all is lost when it comes to a spouse receiving a significant chunk of change before or during a divorce.

Property, even separate property, that changes your spouse’s net worth may have a significant impact on the final resolution of your divorce, and how much each party will be expected to pay or receive.

So while you shouldn’t expect to receive a cut of money left to your spouse in your divorce, there may be advantages for you anyway.

An experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney can help you maximize your settlement.

Call the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino at 718-725-9601 today for a free consultation with an experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyer.

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