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Can You Help Me Get A Post-Judgment Modification If My Ex In Brooklyn Hid Income During Our Divorce?

Yes, when there is evidence that income or assets were improperly hidden during a divorce in Brooklyn, resulting in a settlement that was lower than it should have been, you have the right to bring the matter back before the judge.

Judges take strong exception to individuals who try to subvert the system by hiding assets or income that they are required to divulge.

If you can show that your former spouse presented misleading financial filings with the court, you are likely to get relief.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you compile the right kind of evidence to show compellingly that your spouse acted in bad faith and misled the court during your divorce.

Our team of experienced litigators can pursue the matter, and ensure that you get the settlement that truly reflects your ex-spouse’s financial position at the time your marriage ended.

Call us today at 718-725-9601 for a free consultation with an experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyer.

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