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Can Your Lawyers Make Sure My Abusive Spouse Doesn’t Get Custody Or Unsupervised Visitation In Our Brooklyn Divorce?

Yes, when a client comes to us trying to get away from a spouse who is abusive to them or their children, we make it our top priority, and our very step, to ensure that you and your children are physically safe from harm.

Whether this requires police intervention, an order of protection (restraining order) placed against your spouse, or emergency judicial relief to have your spouse removed from your home will depend on your specific circumstances.

When abuse is a factor in a divorce, our team takes all measures to ensure that it stops immediately, and that you have all the tools you need to protect yourself and your children from harm.

Violence in the home is a huge problem in Brooklyn, and one that no child should have to grow up in. When your spouse is out of control and poses a danger to your children, we argue forcefully that children be kept safe by the court.

Making sure that you have physical and legal custody of your children, and they have only very limited visitation with their other parent, under supervision, is vital to your children’s welfare.

We fight for you and them, making sure there is a safe and secure home for them thrive in.

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