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Can You Help With Enforcement Of A Divorce Judgment In Brooklyn? My Ex Won’t Give Me Property From The Order.

Yes, we can help you recover property that your former spouse was ordered to provide to you in your judgment of divorce.

When a party to a divorce disregards court orders, they run the risk of serious sanction from the judge, which can even include jail time in extreme cases.

Judges issue orders with the expectation that they’ll be followed promptly, and if your former spouse is ignoring court orders and refusing to give you your property, you can and should ask the court for help.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help clients in Brooklyn deal with all aspects of their divorces, including enforcement of court orders after the fact.

Your marriage has ended and you shouldn’t be held hostage by your former spouse’s intransigence anymore.

Call us today at 718-725-9601 to learn how you can recover your property and move on once and for all.

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