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My Husband Won’t Give Me A Religious Divorce. Can I Still File For Civil Divorce In Brooklyn?

Yes, you can file for a civil divorce in Brooklyn even if your spouse or your faith community object.

For many New Yorkers, marriage is more than a civil affair, and in matters of marriage and divorce, religious laws matter tremendously in how they conduct themselves.

But your husband’s refusal to give you a religious divorce has no bearing on New York courts, and you have the same rights to a civil divorce as any other New Yorker.

The good news is that when your divorce is finalized, the judgment of divorce will order your spouse to give you a religious divorce if they have not already done so by that point.

In the meantime, you’ll go through the civil divorce process just like anyone else would, working through the same issues that apply to every other divorcing couple.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know that for many people in Brooklyn, religious law matters, and we make every effort to see that your divorce process is handled professionally and respectfully.

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