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My Spouse And I Married In Our Faith, Without A Marriage License, Long Before We Took Care Of The Civil Marriage Part. For A Brooklyn Divorce, When Did Our Marriage Legally Begin?

For many people of faith, marriage is a spiritual sacrament to be blessed, not a legal construct to be shared with the state.

Still, the range of protections afforded married couples under state and federal law is considerable, so there are many practical reasons to codify your marriage civilly as well.

When you file for divorce in Brooklyn, the court will consider your marriage to have begun at the time of your civil marriage, not the religious ceremony you held prior to it.

This can have significant consequences in terms of distribution of property and how spouses will divide things like retirement accounts.

It may be possible to convert some separately held assets into marital assets for the purposes of the divorce settlement, but you should work with experienced divorce attorneys who can press these arguments forcefully.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we fight to get our clients the best settlement possible.

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