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I Used To Earn More, But Now My Ex Does. Who Pays Child Support When Our Earnings Reverse In Brooklyn?

How child support is calculated, and who pays, is a topic that depends on a number of factors in Brooklyn.

First, if your former spouse is the custodial spouse and your share of childcare duties is fairly limited.

Then your ex’s new earning power may in some instances reduce your payment, but it’s unlikely to eliminate it, and you certainly won’t receive child support.

However, if you and your ex co-parent on a roughly 50-50 basis, then you may have grounds to ask Family Court to review the situation, especially if your payments are a hardship to you.

If you’re both high earners and your two combined incomes total more than about $140,000, you may also be able to seek a modification and establish a different payment schedule altogether, one that more accurately reflects the costs of raising your children.

In any case, a conversation with an experienced Brooklyn child support attorney can answer many of your questions and help you develop a strategy for moving forward.

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