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What Is The Income Formula Judges Use To Determine Who Pays Lawyer Fees In Brooklyn?

There is no statutory income formula for judges to use when one side in a divorce asks that legal fees be assigned to the other party, which means that judges have a great deal of discretion in how the topic is addressed.

It also means that you have a lot of opportunity in terms of the lawyers you work with and their ability to formulate strong arguments for or against legal fees being assigned.

As a general proposition, when the two spouses have extremely different incomes, the lower earning spouse has a very good chance of getting some or all legal fees paid for by the other spouse.

This assumes a certain level of surplus income in the higher earning spouse, but if there’s a clear logic the judge can use, it’s likely that legal fees will be in play.

When couples have more similar incomes, things are more complicated for the judge, and a good legal team can make a big difference.

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