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Will It Hurt Me To Take A Job Out Of State Before My Divorce Settlement In Brooklyn Is Finalized?

No, it shouldn’t hurt your legal standing in a Brooklyn divorce to move out of state for a new job.

It may complicate efforts to negotiate a fair divorce settlement, but there are certainly situations where you and your spouse may agree that getting the details wrapped up before a big move is the best thing to do.

In cases like that, putting an artificial deadline on your divorce may help considerably.

Divorce Settlement
One area where a move will almost certainly cause complications is if you and your spouse share children.

A custody agreement for people who live close by is often pretty easy to work out, but when planning for transportation and other realities of interstate visitation, things become complex very fast.

Even if your spouse is supportive of your professional opportunity, facing fears about air travel for your children can be a lot to ask for all at once.

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