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How Do I Vacate An Acknowledgment Of Paternity In Brooklyn?

It is possible to vacate an acknowledgement of paternity in some cases in Brooklyn.

It’s vital to your chances that you petition to vacate an acknowledgement of paternity as soon as possible, because courts have a strong presumption that acknowledging paternity and then engaging with the child as a parent makes you the child’s father.

This can result in decades of child support obligations that can impact your ability to earn a living or support your eventual family for years to come.

If you file within a 60 day window of acknowledgement of paternity, you stand the best chance of vacating your acknowledgement.

It is still possible to petition to vacate after the 60 day window, but the case is much harder to win.
You will have to meet two tests in order to prevail.

First, you must show fraud, duress, or that there was a material mistake of fact strong enough to render your earlier acknowledgement null.

Second, you must demonstrate that your petition will not cause harm to the interests of the child.

While some cases have been won, these are very high bars to meet.

You should work with experienced paternity lawyers who can build the strongest possible case to overcome the state’s predisposition to leave acknowledged paternity intact.

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