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Do I Have To Get My Ex’s Permission To Travel With My Child If I Have Legal And physical Custody In Brooklyn?

You probably don’t need your ex’s permission to travel with your child when you have full legal and physical custody of your child, but it’s important to review your custody agreement to ensure that you can check all the relevant boxes and know that you’re not violating any part.

If the child’s other parent included special requests when it comes to travel, make sure you know about those ahead of time and, if possible and necessary, talk to your ex about your plans.

There are instances where that is not required, and others where you should plan to provide an itinerary with contact information to your child’s other parent.
Don’t take chances when you’re planning travel with your child and your ex may have objections.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can review your custody agreement to ensure that you are conducting yourself properly according to the terms already agreed to.

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