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Doesn’t My Spouse Have To Move Out Once I Serve Them In Brooklyn?

Unless you are a victim of domestic violence and explicitly seek an order of protection as part of your filing, your spouse will not be ordered out of the house when you’ve served your spouse in Brooklyn.

In fact, your spouse may not be ordered out of the house at all, and instead will create a series of early agreements around child custody, distribution of the value of the home, and other relevant issues before they will agree to move.

Your spouse’s divorce attorney will likely be advising them on the appropriate timing for a move, and what needs to happen before they do.

You’ve Served Your Spouse But Need Them To Move Out, What Next?

You’ve served If your spouse moving out is important, it can be beneficial to have your attorney ask what they need in order for a move to happen, and then work on those items first.
Spouse Have To Move Out

If you are willing to be flexible, it may be a quick process before your spouse is living in an apartment or house away from you.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you get what you need during a divorce, and keep you aware of any traps the other side might be setting when you want to fast-track a certain goal.

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