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I Helped Pay The Mortgage On My Spouse’s Home In Brooklyn And It Appreciated In Value During The Marriage. Am I Owed For That?

You probably won’t be able to capture compensation for appreciation on your spouse’s separate asset just by having shared in the mortgage payments during your marriage, but there are situations where you may be entitled to more.
Compensation For Appreciation

If You’ve Helped Pay The Mortgage And Invested Into The House

If you paid for repairs or renovations to the property that contributed to the appreciation, then you have a claim for returns on your investments that can help you get a larger settlement based on the disposition of the property.

Especially in a long marriage, these types of investments can add up substantially, so it’s important to take some time, consult your records, and see whether you’ve put more into the home than simply sharing the cost of the mortgage.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you identify areas that may boost your returns at the end of a marriage.

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