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If My Child Moves Out Of State To Work At Age 18, Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support In Brooklyn?

No, if your child marries and sets up house independently, joins the military or the Peace Corps, or moves to North Dakota to work the oil fields at age 18, you can ask the court to terminate your child support obligation.

You are still free to mail a check directly to your child if that suits you, but once your child is financially independent and living away from home, you are no longer obligated to provide for their needs.

This is not true if your child heads to college right after high school, though.

In that instance, your child is considered to still be financially reliant on their family, even if they work part time, and your obligation will continue until they turn 21, unless other arrangements have been made.

If your child is living and working independently before the age of 21, we can help you petition to end your child support payments.

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