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Is My Child Support Obligation Finished If My Son Joined The Military Right After His High School Graduation In Brooklyn?

As with many legal matters, whether your support obligation ends when your older teen joins the military is best answered with a, “Yes, but….”

While joining the armed forces is one of the scenarios where a child is considered to be independent and the non-custodial parent no longer has to pay child support, you cannot stop paying child support until you take the changed circumstances to a judge and get a court order that says you can stop paying.

If you simply stop once your child is off at Basic Training, you may face significant penalties for falling behind, which can include loss of your driver’s license, recreational licenses, and professional licenses, as well things like having any tax refunds intercepted by the state, and more.

When your child decides that they have a duty to their country, remember that your duty to your child doesn’t end there.

Only a judge can end your child support payments. The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can make sure you have all the information the court will need.

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