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Do I Have To See My Spouse During Our Brooklyn Divorce If I Have An Order Of Protection Against Them?

In divorces where domestic violence is a factor, your case may be handled in Brooklyn’s Integrated Domestic Court, where a single judge will be responsible for rulings related to your divorce, orders of protection, and some criminal complaints against your spouse.

The goal of the IDV courts is to provide families with a more comprehensive experience of the legal system, and to ensure that the judge ruling on one issue is fully informed of the totality of circumstances that the family is experiencing.

IDV courts take great pains to ensure that domestic violence survivors are safe when they have business with the court, so while you may have to encounter your spouse in court during the divorce, all efforts are made to prevent your spouse from using the court as a forum to continue harassment or threats against you.

In addition, domestic violence survivors are entitled to certain additional protections, like unpublished name changes, filings where information like your address and telephone number are kept confidential, and more.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know that the first priority in a divorce is our client’s safety.

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