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I Was Served With Divorce Papers. Do I Still Have To Pay Mortgage And Utilities On Our Brooklyn House When I Move Out?

For the moment, you probably do. As part of the filing, the court will make a series of orders designed to lock in your current financial picture, health insurance arrangement, and more.

As part of the divorce, your home in Brooklyn will be appraised and, if it is a marital asset, you’ll have to determine the best way to distribute it.

This can include selling the property outright, or negotiating for one spouse to retain it as part of a financial settlement at the end.

In the meantime, the court’s presumption is that the property shouldn’t fall into foreclosure.

You or your spouse may be entitled to Pendente Lite support, or temporary support during the divorce, which will ensure that adequate funds are available to keep the mortgage current while decisions are made about marital properties.

For help protecting your bottom line during divorce, and maximizing your position when it comes to proceeds from property sales, call the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino today at 718-725-9601 and talk to an experienced Brooklyn divorce lawyer for free.

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