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We Used Family Court To Establish Custody Agreements When We Separated. Is That Agreement Good For Our Brooklyn Divorce?

Yes, if you and your spouse created a custody agreement in Family Court, that agreement can be used as-is in your divorce in Brooklyn.

If your circumstances have changed, or your spouse’s have, then you may need to negotiate a new custody and visitation agreement as part of the divorce. This is entirely up to you and your spouse to decide.

If you and your spouse are legally separated, it is possible to use the separation agreement as the foundation of your divorce settlement, in a process known as conversion divorce.

To convert a separation agreement to a divorce settlement, the judge will meet with the parties to determine that all elements are in order and have been working for both spouses for at least one year.

Converting a separation agreement to a divorce settlement can save both spouses time and money.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know there’s no reason to negotiate issues twice if the first round has been satisfactory.

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