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I Don’t Know My Spouse’s Current Address Or Workplace, But I Know They Still Live In Brooklyn. How Do I Serve Them?

It’s not uncommon for couples to split up with no firm decision to divorce, and over time, they gradually lose touch. Later, one spouse may want to re-marry, or simply tie up loose ends and realize they can’t locate their spouse.

Unfortunately, you can’t divorce without notifying your spouse of the legal action against them, so you’ll be expected to track down old friends you used to share, relatives of your spouse, or ask around at previous jobs to see if anyone knows where they’ve gone.

Since you know they still live in Brooklyn, presumably you still have some contact with mutual friends, or maybe you’ve located an online presence for them. Both are valuable starting places to find out the address of their home or workplace.

If you have reasons to avoid direct contact with your spouse, such as a history of domestic violence or other issues, we can help you track down and serve them while protecting your privacy.

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