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Can You Help Me Determine If My Spouse Is Being Honest About Money In Our Brooklyn Divorce?

Yes, one of our primary tasks is ensuring that our clients receive complete, accurate financial data from their spouse.

Our experts review all disclosures to look for signs of hidden income, assets, or investments, and make sure that when there is reason to believe that your spouse is withholding financial information, that the court orders a more thorough look at your household’s financial picture.

It’s natural to want to shield assets or property in a divorce, but there are proper and improper ways for people to approach the protection of things they value.

When you believe your spouse is hiding cash or goods in order to reduce their on-paper net worth or keep marital property that you have a legitimate interest in, you need attorneys who know how to find those assets.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino protect our clients from spouses who try to game the system.

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