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I Paid For A Significant Renovation To Our Brooklyn Home. Does That Convert It To A Marital Asset?

It may. When one spouse makes significant investments in a separate asset like a home, the court takes a different view of the separate asset.

Even if the home remains separate, you may be entitled to a claim on the appreciation that resulted from the renovation, and in the current market, that appreciation can sometimes be greater than the original value of the home.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino have years of experience with the intricacies of divorce and asset distribution, and know how to properly evaluate your contributions to the separate asset.

Whether it remains a separate asset with an enhanced value, or becomes a marital asset you can profit from, we make sure you get everything you’re entitled to in a divorce.

Call 718-725-9601 today and talk to an experienced Brooklyn divorce attorney for free.

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