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If I Don’t Respond To My Spouse’s Complaint In Brooklyn’s 20 Day Window, What Happens?

Failure to respond to your spouse’s divorce filing won’t prevent them from achieving the divorce.

Once the 20 day window has passed, the court will rule you to be in default, and your spouse can then proceed with a default divorce.

In most cases, this approach is a very bad idea for you, as you’ll have no input in the final settlement and decisions that are made may not be to your liking.

There are situations where a default divorce can be preferable, such as when you have few assets, no kids, and a short duration marriage.

Default divorce can be less expensive, and you’re not required to provide sensitive financial information, among other things.

It’s still important that you protect yourself, and having an attorney review the settlement is the best way for you to decide whether to engage in the process or not.

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