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When Both Parents Are Stable And Fit, How Does A Judge Decide Who Gets Custody In Brooklyn?

Brooklyn custody matters are emotionally difficult and often trigger enormous pain for both parents in these fights.

When it comes to deciding who gets custody, it’s easy for the non-custodial parent to take the judgment personally and assume a judge has found them unfit for a role they care very much about.

In most cases, that’s not what’s happened. Judges have to look at a number of factors in child custody cases, and different elements will be significant in each family.

A gifted child might benefit from closer proximity to a school that can cater to their needs, while in another case a judge may find that the parent who has been the primary caregiver to the children should have physical custody of them, preserving the stability of the relationship.

Judges try to be fair, but will always make a determination based on what they consider to be in the best interest of your child.

Whatever the custody arrangement ultimately becomes, your right and responsibility to be a great parent to your child remains.

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